Handmade Bags

Each bag is handmade with care and detail.  Sized to fit whatever your needs are, we hand measure, cut and stitch each bag.  Various styles are available and each is made with durable accessories and crafted from beautiful leather hides.

Women's Leather Tote


** Available in 4 colors


** Two different sizes.

Standard - fits all iPads and misc items - $200.00 plus shipping

Large - fits 15" computer w misc items - $220.00 plus shipping


** Available tan, medium brown, dark brown and jet black and has Guatemalan fabric interior.


** Optional 100% leather interior - $15.00 add-on


Uni-sex hip bag (fits smaller Macbook and misc items) - 250.00 plus shipping


**Available in 3 different colors.  When ordering specify which color you are wanting.

(Black, Dark Brown or Tan)



Women's Wallet - $60.00 plus shipping


** Handmade from start to finish from 100% Guatemalan Cowhide.  Designed to fit multiple cards and has 2 sections for bills and a zipper area for change and lose items.


** Available in tan, medium brown, dark brown and jet black.


 Women's belt


Made from our 100% leather hides and offered in all sizes. ( 1 1/4" width)


Cost- $50.00



**Available in dark brown, black and distressed tan.


Women's Accessory Bag - $35.00 plus shipping

(Bag dimensions 5"x8")


** Designed for makeup and other small items.

** Great as a computer accessory - chargers, chords, headphones.


** Available in tan, medium brown, dark brown and jet black.