Every decision we make is looked at through the lens of how we can create the most impact. That's why we're so grateful for you, our amazing customers. It's also why we call our products "Leather with a Purpose." 


With every purchase, you're fueling education and employment within the village of Buena Vista. You're also supporting other small businesses in rural Guatemala, because every material we use is locally sourced.


The Village of Buena Vista

Buena Vista is a small, remote village that falls well below the poverty line. The views are beautiful (in English, "Buena Vista" means "beautiful view") and so are the people, but living here presents significant challenges.


50% of our profits fund education in the village through student sponsorships, teacher salaries and more. Our educational center welcomes 225 students each day — including girls, which is uncommon in rural Guatemala. 


Learn more about our educational center by watching the video below, or reading here



Your purchases also create employment within the community. There are very few opportunities of employment within Buena Vista, so your support is life-changing. We hope to keep growing the amount of job opportunities we're able to offer. 

2022/2023 IMPACT GOALS

In 2022, we will channel profits toward:


1. Sponsoring six specific students, so they can receive education over the 2022/2023 school year

2. Paying teachers' salaries and offering resources for our public middle school (which we house and collaborate with)

3. Pouring resources into our preschool programs